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Warning: Anyone can close your account with WhatsApp number

The latest information about the popular messaging app WhatsApp is that anyone who has your WhatsApp number can close your account completely. According to media reports, hackers use two different vectors to take advantage of this new flaw in WhatsApp. After installing WhatsApp on a new device, the hacker enters your number to activate the chat service. However, the two-factor authentication system Because he can't confirm it. Because WhatsApp provides a two-factor authentication method for logging in to the app to secure its users' data, it is a 6-digit code that hackers do not receive. After several failed login attempts, the user's login

Live insect pans for sale in Japan

Tokyo: Imagine a pan with a worm fluttering in the clear liquid at the top. This strange pan has been developed by a Japanese company in which live worms can be seen. It has a living nematode (parasite) that makes this pen strange and mysterious. The pan contains the parasitic nematode Anisex, which affects fish on the one hand, and if seafood is not cooked properly, it can infect the human intestines and stomach on the other. The same nematode worm is inserted into this pan. This worm causes severe allergies in some people and that is why no one would want

Are Pet Cats Causing Brain Cancer?

The trend of keeping cats as pets at home is also very common in our society. When princes raise Persian cats, the poor set aside a corner in the house for a cat to roam the streets. A cat is an uninvited guest who stays in your home at all times, even if it is not a pet. And no animal lover would like to be blamed for the spread of disease. Allergies to cats and their hair are commonplace, but new US research suggests cats may be a potential cause of serious brain disease. According to the US Centers for Disease

A journey of 4000 km on a skateboard in the heat and in the presence of snakes

Melbourne: Tom Drorie, 28, is keen on skating and has now skated 4,000km off the coast of Australia in the scorching heat. Tom began his journey from Melbourne to Cairns in October 2020 on a four-wheeled board. Initially, his friends and family called it impossible. Thus, on the third day, Tom was overwhelmed by heat, fatigue, and frustration, and his body began to look like boils. Once they felt that they had made a big mistake. He has worked in diamond mines for many kilometers before and is very brave and hardworking. Tom told himself that it would be difficult at first

Mumbai: After the corona test of the staff of Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming film "Pathan" came positive, King Khan went to quarantine. According to Indian media, Shah Rukh Khan has been busy shooting for the movie "Pathan" for some time now. However, the shooting of the film has been stopped for two days after a few people in his shooting crew tested positive for corona and Shah Rukh Khan has isolated himself as a precautionary measure. According to media reports, members of Yash Raj Productions and the film are strictly following the Corona SOPs. The staff is also regularly tested
Shah Rukh Khan
Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan’s ‘Pajama Party’ video goes viral

The days of Pakistani girl Dananeer Mubeen, who became famous across the border including Pakistan with the video 'pawri ho rhi hay', continue even after several days have passed. Many Indian actors, including social media users and Pakistani actors, could not help but be impressed by Dananeer's pawri video and started making videos and memes copying the party girl. https://www.instagram.com/mahirahkhan/?utm_source=ig_embed Now Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan and actor Momal Sheikh have also shared a video on social media platform Instagram in which Mahira Khan and Momal Sheikh danced to the remix song 'pawri ho rhi hay' with friends.