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The UAE has announced that it will send a mission to the moon by 2024

  Dubai (NNI) The United Arab Emirates has announced that it will launch a spacecraft to the moon by 2024. The Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai Rawa Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced via Twitter that the UAE is developing a moon vehicle Which will land on the moon in 2024 and make new discoveries in areas of the moon that have not been possible in previous human missions. The data from this mission will be exchanged with research centers and institutions worldwide. The ruler of Dubai did the same He announced that the vehicle sent

American singer Ariana Grande became the first woman to have 200 million followers on Instagram

Famous American singer Ariana Grande has become the woman with the most followers on social media platform Instagram. If we talk about the person who has the most followers on Instagram, then Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal is at the top of the list with more than 237 million followers. But for a long time, American singer Ariana Grande has the most followers among women and now the singer has crossed another milestone in this race. Ariana Grande, 27, has more than 200 million followers on Instagram. In addition, Ariana Grande has been named the youngest person to have the most followers in the showbiz
ariana grande
Halima Sultan

Criticism of clothing; Halima Sultan’s annoyed response to Pakistani fans

KARACHI: Turkish actress Esri, popularly known as Halima Sultan in Pakistan, has silenced a Pakistani fan who criticized her dress. The Turkish drama "Ertugrul Ghazi" is very popular in Pakistan and people are not only watching the drama but also expressing their feelings and love through the story and characters of the drama. Many Pakistanis have fallen in love with Halima Sultan after seeing her beauty and innocence. While the play is being well received on social media, some Pakistani fans are also criticizing the personal lives of the characters of the play. The most critically acclaimed Pakistani drama heroine is Esri.

Children’s intelligence is passed on from mother to child

Intelligence is a divine gift and no one can stop a person from succeeding if he uses his intelligence in combination with hard work, perseverance and foresight. There is a general belief that intelligence can be inherited and passed on to different family members, but a recent study found that children's intelligence is a gift they receive from their mother. According to a study conducted in Germany, a child's intelligence depends on how intelligent his mother is, that is, intelligence is passed on from the mother and not from the father or anyone else. Research has shown that intelligence genes are located on

The country’s gold price per tola recorded the largest decline in the country’s history

The record price of gold per tola in the country fell the most in the history of the country. In one week, the price of gold per tola in the barter markets of Pakistan, as well as the international market, fell by more than Rs 13,000. According to the details, gold prices in the global market, including Pakistan, broke all historical records during the last few years. The price of gold per ounce in the world market had reached the level of 2,000. In Pakistan, the price of gold per tola exceeded Rs 130,000. However, this week saw a sharp decline
The country's gold price per tola recorded the largest decline in the country's history
The world's first transparent TV will go on sale this month

The world’s first transparent TV will go on sale this month

The world's first fully transparent TV, made by Xiaomi, will go on sale this month and has been dubbed My TV Lux. When closed, it becomes transparent glass and appears to be an invention of a science fiction film. If the TV is not running, it can be viewed across. Earlier, Samsung and LG offered transparent TVs, but according to Xiaomi, this is the first glass TV to be manufactured on a large scale and sales are expected in the next few days. The TV is 55 inches long and has a full panel of LEDs. The thickness of the TV screen