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Faisalabadi goats also started suffering from depression

Special care for sacrificial animals because goats from villages to cities in Faisalabad started getting sick. Doctors at the Livestock Department say animals become depressed when the environment changes. Learn more in this report.

Imran Khan open Pub, Waqar Zaka started the movement

Following the announcement of the ban imposed by the PTA across Pakistan, the top trend on the social networking website Twitter has become 'Imran Khan Pub Ji Kholo'. According to the details, there are a large number of pub g players all over Pakistan and despite the court decision, the PTA has issued orders to continue the ban on online games, on which the public and especially Waqar Zaka. Urges PM to lift the ban on PubG. A temporary ban on the pub, the announcement of legal action against Waqar Zaka Ban on pubs, positive attitude of Waqar Zaka Waqar Zakat demands justice from

Goat arrested for not wearing mask in India

Kanpur: Indian police arrested a goat for not wearing a Mask. As per Indian media, during a standard watch in Kanpur, police captured a goat without a cover and captured him and took him to the police headquarters. At the point when the proprietor of the goat arrived at the police headquarters and mentioned for his discharge, depending on the prerequisite that the goat would not be left out and about without a veil once more, the goat was given over to the proprietor. In India, everybody is required to wear a cover and fines are forced for infringement, however, the boycott
Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sofia History | History Of Hagia Sofia |From Mosque To Church And From Church To Mosque

When the Ottomans, led by the victorious Sultan, conquered Constantinople in 1453. The Ottomans named the city of Istanbul. Decoration of Hagia Sofia Since Islam was the main religion of the Ottomans, a mosque in Hagia Sophia was renovated. As part of the conversion, the Ottomans covered many original Orthodox mosaics designed by Kadaskar Mustafa Zeit with Islamic calligraphy. The panels or medals that hung on Navi's columns included the names of Allah, the Prophet of Islam, the first four caliphs, and the Prophet's two grandsons. The music on the main dome - which is thought to be the image of Christ - was

Order to provide security to Akash Ali, who got married to a girl as a boy

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has ordered a gender medical test and protection to find out the sex of the alleged groom in the case of marriage of two girls. A Lahore High Court Rawalpindi bench heard the alleged marriage case of two Taxila girls. The bridegroom Ali Akash and the bride Neha did not appear in the court today but their lawyers appeared in the court who said that Ali Akash's gender medical test has not been done yet. The bride and groom moved to Lahore and have not been in touch for 10 days, police said. Ali Akash's lawyer presented

Strange tendency to get tattoos on the palate

Belgium: Tattoo makers are always on the lookout for new designs and fashions, and the trend of tattoos on the upper palate inside the mouth is becoming increasingly popular in Belgium. Individuals who specialize in this work are very popular all over Belgium and they are making secret parts of people's bodies such as earlobes, the skin between the fingers and now even tattoos inside the mouth. People have appreciated this strange art and now a large number of fans are getting tattoos on their palms. But keep in mind that these tattoos are simple, rather than complex, with one-colour sketches