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44 Arab films ready for release on Netflix

Netflix, the world’s leading entertainment service, is releasing a new list of 44 films by other Arab directors, including Yousef Shaheen, Youssef Nasrallah, Nadeen Labaki, Mustafa Akkad, Anne Marie, and Laila Maraki.

Is releasing a new list of 44 directorial films.

According to Arab News, many of these are Saudi films that are being released on Netflix for the first time, such as the newly released Saudi thriller and drama series ‘Whispers’, the award-winning short film ‘Six Windows in the Desert’. And Saudi Arabia’s first animated movie, Masami.

In this new list, masterpiece cinematic films provide a platform for emerging stars of the Arab entertainment world to showcase their talents so that they can increase the number of their fans around the world.

Netflix users now have the opportunity to re-watch movies based on the Arab world’s film heritage.

The stories of these films are from the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Algeria, and Sudan.

“We want more people from around the world to see these great stories and have the opportunity to represent their lives on screen,” said Noha Al-Tayeb, Netflix’s director of content.

“We are proud to offer Netflix users from the Arab world and other parts of the world to watch old and modern movies,” he said.
Many of these films are already available on Netflix, with most of the films available on June 18.

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