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600,000 followers of a 16-year-old math and science teacher

 New York: In Lockdown, people are wasting time watching useless videos on YouTube and Tik Tak, but a teenage teacher has decided to teach children and the number of followers of his lecture has now exceeded 600,000.

Alexis Lorries, a 16-year-old from New York, has used TickTock’s non-fiction platform for serious science and math teaching. Tik Tak is full of challenging and humorous sketches of dance but on the same platform he started releasing teaching videos from February 2020.

What makes Alexis special is that he prepares short and concise lessons and now he has the title of Tick tock Tutor.

It should be noted that he has obtained 4 GPA of Mathematics in the famous school of New York, Harlem Prep School.
In just a few months, he has made over 100 videos on math, physics, chemistry and geometry. He also makes videos on Pythagorean theorem, sine, cosine, atom, electron and redox in general.

That is why he has a queen for explaining the most complex concepts in a common sense way and people have appreciated this ability of Fatin.

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