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A big gang in Bollywood is against me, AR Rehman

MUMBAI: Oscar-winning musician Arrahman says a big gang in Bollywood is working against him.

The songs composed by the world-famous and Oscar-winning AR Rehman are reaching the heights of fame and the film directors and producers want AR Rahman to compose songs for his films.

AR Rehman revealed during a program that he is doing less work in Bollywood because due to some rumours and misunderstandings, a big gang in Bollywood is working against him. That is why he is working less in Bollywood and more in Tamil films.

AR Rahman said that he came to the directors of a film which he made 4 songs in 2 days, but he said that many people had stopped the director from going to AR Rahman after which I realized that Bali was against me. A gang is working in Wood. “I don’t think much about it because I rely on luck, everything is from God and I never make good films,” he said.

The number of awards that AR Rahman has received is perhaps unmatched by any other Indian musician to date. He has received BAFTA, Golden Globe, Satellite and Critics’ Choice Awards, while at the national level he has received four National Awards and seven Filmfare Awards. Rehman’s music is also very popular in Tamil films and the industry has won 12 awards. In 2009, he was awarded the Oscar for Best Music for Slim Dog.

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