A healthy mind in a healthy body

A healthy mind in a healthy body

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”, ok but sometimes the head does not follow. From depression to obsessive-compulsive disorder and failing memory, Tabsarah offers to assess your mind with our psychological tests.

Hyperactivity: Does My Child Have ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that occurs in childhood and is characterized by a variety of symptoms. Attention problems, impulsivity, and hyperactivity are the three major difficulties encountered in ADHD. To find out if your child has it, assess how often it is in the following situations.

Do You Have Imposter Syndrome?

You are beset by doubt, the fear of being unmasked (persuaded that you have been spotted, that you have not fooled anyone. Some more than others are not aware of their real skills and attribute their merits to different factors, quite different: the key is a high level of chronic stress, hyper involvement in work, or conversely inhibiting brakes, and a fear of failure… Discover if you suffer from the feeling of imposture, the risks, and the keys to getting out of it.

Are You a Gifted Adult Who Ignores Yourself?

People with high potential show distinctive signs linked to intelligence, which influence their behavior. This difference can prove to be a real asset, provided that it is understood and assumed. Curiosity, taste for complexity, prodigious memory, fluency in language… Perhaps you are one of them? Understanding your profile better can help you manage it well.

How Much Do You Want to Control Everything?

Find out how much you enjoy controlling everything in your life and that of others. Can you let go when the need arises? Conversely, are you too relaxed? It’s time to take stock!

Which Replica of Cult Films Are You?

The replicas of the films mark our lives and become commonplace. Which one best represents you? This is what we will try to discover together. The pitch is simple: you will find the cult answer that could best sum up your character. Engine, action, it turns!

Do You Know How to Detect the Emotions of Others?

In psychological language, empathy refers to the capacity – more or less – of an individual to know how to decipher the emotions of others. It is not always easy to understand what the other person is feeling. This faculty to put oneself in the place of the other is not innate. It is worked and built over life experiences. And you, would you say that you are someone empathetic?

What Famous Saying Are You?

If you were to sum it up in a saying, what would it be? These metaphorical formulas cross the ages! They are still popular and have the ability to summarize great patterns of thought. Here are 12 questions to establish the saying that symbolizes the most relevant way of looking at life.

Are You Authentic?

In our quest for authenticity, “speaking the truth” is at the heart of our relationships. However, we are not always sincere, if only with ourselves. Besides, not all truths are always good to say. Find out if you are authentic or have mastered the art of small lies to preserve those around you.

Would You Make a Good Shrink?

The question is bothering you. For some time now, you have been wondering if you have a good ability to listen, understand, and be in tune with others. You should find some interesting answers. You will find out if you have the most appreciated qualities to exercise this profession.

What is Your Totem Animal?

You have decided to find out about your wilderness by testing your mind, and we congratulate you. We all have an animal part in us, and it can be a precious ally in our everyday life. We have selected three totem animals for you… Which one will you be?

Could You Adopt an Animal?

Cute little eyes, soft hair, and a companion for life… having an animal represents some advantages. If taking action and taking a pet can be tempting, are you ready to take the plunge? This is what we will discover in this test: could you adopt an animal?

Are You Hypersensitive?

Do anger or joy take on oversized proportions in your inner heart? Do you have as many intuitions as sources of disgust and stress? Do you react to the quarter turn? And if you were hypersensitive … Tabsarah recommends you assess your emotional terrain which is already in your mind.

Slow Life: Can You Slow Down?

The tempo seems to have accelerated greatly. Result: we are constantly running. Efficiency, urgency, and schedules govern our lives on overbooked agendas! And if we slow down to find a more normal rhythm. Find out, without waiting, if you are ready for slow life…

Do You Know How to Bring Luck?

When some people pest on the bad luck that pursues them, there are those to whom life smiles, for no apparent reason. A stroke of luck, for some, a winning strategy, for others. A sign, in any case, that life is going in the right direction … Others finally do not believe in happy chances. Find out how lucky you are … or not!

Are You Ready to Switch to Positive Mode?

A more beautiful life! We all have the desire to live better. But we don’t always know how to do it? It is enough to remember that we have all of an often-unsuspected potential, which we must update. To join the circle of Happy people and above all to live the life you want, it’s time to define your assets. Your happiness capital can nestle in beautiful self-esteem, your interpersonal skills, or even your ability to dare to take action.

Discover your hidden treasure, the life that suits you, and decide to be happy!

Who is Your Guardian Angel?

You probably, like everyone else, feel protected. As if a subtle and invisible presence watches over you. Some call it the little voice, others their guardian angel, or the spirit of a benevolent ancestor. Put aside your prejudices and your rational mind, and find out who guides you. So, what is your Jiminy Cricket to you?

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

Your job has become too stressful; you can no longer bear pollution, noise … In short, you only dream of one thing: to change everything! The signs are there. Can you listen to them? Are you ready to change?

What Addict Are You?

Dependent, we all are, more or less: whether it be on the Internet, love, sport, or chocolate … Between little mania or drug addiction, it all depends on the dosage and the frequency with which you are there. attached. If you always need more to reach a satisfaction threshold, you may be addicted? Find out what your addiction threshold is!

How Do You Manage the Quarantine Crisis?

Feeling of urgency, anxiety, or, on the contrary, fullness… Once you have passed the 40 marks, certain upheavals can occur in your life. How do you approach this course? 5 questions to take stock.

  1. You have just celebrated your 46th birthday: How are you feeling?
  2. How do you approach this stage of your life?
  3. What seemed obvious to you?
  4. Was there an event that clicked you?
  5. What does the concept of crisis remind you of?

Are You Patient?

Patience, a virtue that has become rare in our time of the cult of emergency. Yet we would benefit from developing it! In particular to avoid disappointments due to hasty decisions, to cultivate good relationships, and carry out our projects. Assess your level of patience.

Are You Able to Face Your Fears?

If you are the type of person who goes ostrich and avoids confronting potentially frightening situations, you will never succeed in overcoming your fears and each day will be more difficult. How much have you become a prisoner of your own fears?

Do You Believe in Happiness?

The secret to achieving happiness may be to first believe in it and know where to look for it, but also to know how to appreciate what is around you.

Do You Know How to Motivate Yourself?

Finding the motivation to take on new projects and giving birth to your dreams are the only essential ingredients for a life that offers you a lot of satisfaction. Can you do it?

Can You See the Bright Side?

Positive people also suffer from the effects of crisis and adversity, but they keep smiling because, despite the difficulties, they know that they will always find a reason to rejoice and stay happy.

Am I Happy?

For many, happiness is a wish that one makes and that seems unattainable. Perhaps being happy is about realizing that wish, and some people get very close to it.

Do You Know How to Take Advantage of Everything, Even the Worst?

If crisis and competition threaten your workplace, you should stay alert enough to make the most of your opportunities. Do you have your eyes wide open?

Do You Know How to Use Your Intelligence Well?

Many of those who impress us with their intelligence have none more than the others. They just know how to use it with talent.



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