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A journey of 4000 km on a skateboard in the heat and in the presence of snakes

Melbourne: Tom Drorie, 28, is keen on skating and has now skated 4,000km off the coast of Australia in the scorching heat.

Tom began his journey from Melbourne to Cairns in October 2020 on a four-wheeled board. Initially, his friends and family called it impossible. Thus, on the third day, Tom was overwhelmed by heat, fatigue, and frustration, and his body began to look like boils. Once they felt that they had made a big mistake.

He has worked in diamond mines for many kilometers before and is very brave and hardworking. Tom told himself that it would be difficult at first but gradually he would get used to this difficult journey, and it so happened that due to his strong nerves he became accustomed to skating for many hours in a day in the scorching sun.

There were snakes in his path and he trampled on poisonous snakes four times throughout the journey. Twice he fell and three times he was hit hard. Police chased him five times and he suffered six heatstrokes. But on average, they managed to travel 50 to 100 kilometers a day. However, he was alone in March. They shuddered at the sight of the sun, and after that they wept for a long time, because the shadow was not far away and the water was running out fast.

They were shaken by speeding trucks and cars on the highways, found trees somewhere and snakes appeared in many places but they did not give up. Some truck drivers complained to the police, calling him a “skateboard idiot” but he kept going.

He had to change his shoes six times and had to change the wheels of the skateboard several times. However, his efforts were published in the media all over the world and he gained extraordinary fame. Tom also solicited donations online and has so far raised 19,000.

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