A man marries a wooden statue in India

Allahabad: A man in India, fulfilling his father’s wish, got married to a wooden statue.

According to Indian media, a unique wedding ceremony was held in the state of Uttar Pradesh in which the bridegroom was a young man but the bride was made of a wooden statue. The wedding pavilion was decorated. The trumpets sounded and the women sang to the beat of drums.

The bride and groom took seven turns and performed all the rituals. The groom told the media that instead of marrying the surviving bride, he married a lifeless wooden statue at his father’s request.

The groom’s 90-year-old father told the media that he has nine sons, eight of whom are married. This is his eighth son, but he has neither the money nor the brain, so instead of ruining someone’s life, I Married a wooden statue. I wanted to see all my sons get married in my life.

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