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A war of words is raging between Kangana and Pooja Bhatt over kinship

Pooja Bhatt, daughter of Indian actress Kangana Ranaut and Indian filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, is waging a war of words against nepotism.

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput, 34, of the Indian film industry, committed suicide on June 14 at his residence in Mumbai. Since the suicide, voices have been raised in the industry against nepotism and ill-treatment of many actors.

In this regard, Bollywood actress Pooja Bhatt said in her tweet that the accusations leveled against her and her family for promoting nepotism are laughable as Venetian film production always brings new faces, film production. There is no kinship in the House.

Citing an example, Pooja Bhatt mentioned the film ‘Queen’ made under the banner of his film production ‘Vanish Films’ and the actress Kangana Ranaut who played the lead role in it and said that it is a testament to the fact that he and his Film production houses are against nepotism.

In her tweets, Pooja further said that as far as Kangana Ranaut is concerned, she is a very talented actress. It was Vanish Films that introduced Kangana to the film industry through the film ‘Gangster’ Pooja Bhatt’s tweet also expressed good wishes for Kangana’s future.

Replying to Pooja Bhatt, Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter team said that it is the job of many film production houses to make new faces work for their own benefit without compensation. Filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt also does not like to compensate newcomers. Yes, Mukesh Bhatt saw Kangana’s talent and gave her a job in his film and everyone knows that Mukesh Bhatt does not pay actors.

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