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Actress Ayesha Sana hides from people with crores of rupees

LAHORE: Actress and host Ayesha Sana went into hiding after taking crores of rupees from various people. A case was also registered against her after the check was dishonored.

Sources said that Ayesha Sana borrowed about Rs 2 crore from many of her friends and acquaintances in the name of household needs and other purposes but she did not return the money to any one person but has been in hiding for three months and No one knows anything about them.

Those who lent money to Ayesha Sana are now on the hunt for her, while one of the victims has also filed a case of fraud against Ayesha Sana.

A petition filed by Muhammad Ali Moin at Defense B police station in Lahore said that Ayesha Sana was his family friend who had borrowed Rs 2 million from him for household needs.

According to the citizen, when he demanded a refund, the actress gave him Habib Bank’s check number 00000051 with the date of March 26, 2020, but when I deposited the check in my account, the amount bounced due to insufficient amount. Therefore, a case should be registered against Ayesha Sana.

Sources said that at the request of Ali Moin, the police have registered a case and started investigation.

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