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Actress Meera reached Lahore from Washington

Lahore: Actress Meera reached Lahore from Washington via a foreign airline.

Actress Meera in several videos had appealed to the government of Pakistan that she is stuck in the United States so help her return home after which the Pakistani embassy was in constant contact with her.

Now the actress has reached my Pakistan and she has been quarantined in a hotel in Lahore.
It might be reviewed that a few days ago, Meera had held hands with Prime Minister Imran Khan and advanced for his repatriation. He said that he had come up short on cash and was caught in a lodging.

Myraka said that New York is becoming a cemetery, and she does not want to die in New York, help them to return home.

However, my quarrel soon broke out when Raja Pervez, my alleged father-in-law, told Geo News on the phone that he had been staying at his house for two months and not in a hotel but with his alleged husband, Captain Naveed. Engaged in parties at home with.

In this regard, actress Meera said in her video message that the request to bring back the Prime Minister is my basic right, a few people attempted to give another shading to my allure which isn’t suitable in any way.

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