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Actress Salma Zafar accuses Javeria Saud and Saud of not paying Rs 10 million

KARACHI: Actress Salma Zafar, who has acted in several dramas and theatres including the drama “This Is Life” which has been aired on Pakistani private TV channel for many years, has accused actress Jowaria and Saud of not paying them around Rs 10 million.

Actress Salma Zafar, who has been working for six years in the production house of actress Jawariya and Saud’s drama “This Is Life”, has accused Jawariya and Saud of extorting money from the artists and other staff working in their production house.

During the Facebook live video, actress Salma Zafar made several revelations about Jawariya and Saud and said that people do not say anything out of fear but I am not afraid of anyone. I have to pay about 10 million rupees to Jawariya and Saud’s production house. ۔

Salma Zafar said that she had acted in 500 episodes of the JJS-produced drama “It’s a Love” and the drama “It’s Life” for 6 years and in these dramas. I didn’t get paid to work.

Salma Zafar said, “I considered Jawariya like my daughters and I texted her for money and she blocked me instead of giving me money.”

So far, there has been no reaction from the jury and Saud to the allegations levelled by actress Salma Zafar.

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