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Adnan Sami speaks against Bollywood mafia

MUMBAI: After the death of all-time Indian gun singer Adnan Sami Khan Sushant Singh Rajput, the Indian industry was rained down and the mafia in Bollywood was exposed, exposing the exploitation of new artists there.

Singer Adnan Sami Khan, who renounced his Pakistani citizenship and took Indian citizenship, is often seen singing India’s praises on social media, which has led to him being severely criticized in Pakistan. However, after the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, It sheds light on the dark side of Bollywood, which shows how badly the Bollywood industry is in the grip of the mafia and how badly new artists are treated here.

Adnan Sami Khan wrote in a long post on Instagram that the Indian film and music industry needs a serious change. Especially in the case of new and experienced singers, music composers, and music producers who are badly exploited. Either follow these mafia signals or you are out of the industry.

Questioning the Bollywood industry, Adnan Sami said, “Why are people controlling their creativity who don’t even know the meaning of creation, or are they trying to be God?”

Singer Adnan Sami also slammed India for drowning its fleet by remixing old and classical songs and movies, saying that there are 1.3 billion people in India and what do we offer to those billions? Doing remakes and remixes? For God’s sake, stop all this and allow talented people to come forward.

Revealing the mafia in the Bollywood industry, Adnan Sami Khan said that you have such a film and music mafia who have proudly considered themselves gods. These people do not learn any lessons from history. You can’t stop creativity and talent in any field, that’s enough, change is needed now.

At the end of his post, Adnan Sami Khan wrote the famous quote of Abraham Lincoln. You can fool some people for a while but you can’t fool everyone all the time.

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The Indian Film & Music Industry SERIOUSLY needs a ‘Herculean‘ SHAKE UP. Especially in the context of music, New Singers, Veteran Singers, Music Composers & Music Producers – who are being exploited to the HILT!! “Fall into the DICTAT or you’re OUT”… Why is creativity beyond “CONTROLLED” by those you have no clue about ‘creativity’ & are trying to play GOD?? We have 1.3 Billion people in India by the grace of God- Is all that we have to offer is ‘remakes’ & ‘remixes’? For God sake, STOP THIS & allow the truly talented new & veteran artistes BREATH & give you creative peace Musically & Cinematically!!! Have you, the Movie & Music ‘Mafia’ who have arrogantly entitled yourselves as the ‘self professed & self appointed gods‘ not learned anything from history that you can NEVER control art & the ecosystem of creativity of any field? ENOUGH!! MOVE OVER!! “CHANGE” is here & it’s knocking on your door!! Ready or Not, it‘s coming in! Brace yourselves! As Abraham Lincoln said – “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time!!”

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