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After Faisal Edhi’s corona virus test came positive, PM Imran Khan also decided to get corona test

Head administrator Imran Khan has additionally chosen to take the Corona test after Islamabad Edhi Foundation boss Faisal Edhi’s certain outcomes came. Instructions on the circumstance in regards to Corona infection with the Prime Minister, Dr. Faisal said that we had prompted the Prime Minister to test the Corona infection as he met Faisal Edhi a couple of days prior. There was Dr. Faisal

As per sources, the dependable resident Prime Minister Imran Khan has consented to lead his crown test and his test will be taken soon. As indicated by sources, social specialist Faisal Edhi is by and by in Islamabad whose crown infection test. Sources said that after the constructive aftereffects of Faisal Edhi’s Corona infection test, a rundown of individuals whom he has met as of late is being readied. Faisal Edhi likewise met Prime Minister Imran Khan. As indicated by sources, Faisal Edhi’s test returned positive. Cori tests will be directed by some Dhi Foundation staff and Faisal Edhi’s family. As indicated by nearby specialists, Faisal Edhi visited Karachi seven days back from Lahore and met with the Prime Minister five days prior in Islamabad. Crown was recently tried, which has been accounted for.

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