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Ali Gul Pir performed an autopsy of 19 points on Zartaj Gul’s corona

Recently, Federal Minister for Meteorology Zartaj Gul, in an interview, offered a new definition of Corona, which got him a line of memes on social media at such an expensive price.

Zartaj Gul had said in an interview in a program on Pakistan Television that code 19 means 19 points. After the show, a video clip of him went viral on which several users created interesting memes on social media.

A user named Ali Ahmed mocked Zartaj Gul and wrote that in this depressed state we were in dire need of such jokes.

He said that according to Zartaj Gul, the person who removes dents from vehicles is called a dentist, the person who plays drums is called a dermatologist and so on.

Expressing surprise, a user named Ahsan Naveed shared that the 1992 World Cup means 92 points.

Similarly, other users also shared good memes using the hashtag Zartaj Gul and the hashtag Zartaj Gul Logic.

Not only this, while enjoying it to the fullest, singer Ali Gul Pir also shared a humorous video in which he also explained Zartaj Gul’s code 19 points.

Ali Gul can be seen wearing a doctor’s lab coat in the video on Monday, while in this video, the voiceover is an interview with Zartaj Gul.

Ali Gul Pir also used the hashtag of Code Adiats along with the said hashtags. Later, his video went viral on social media.

On the other hand, Zartaj Gul expressed his anger over the mockery in his tweet.

He wrote that I talk for hours on TV every day, without a slip, wanting to say that the effects of the epidemic are different in different countries.

She said that instead of mourning over the mistake of a few moments if they pay attention to the broadcast of the fate of their parties, it might be better for them, they are not afraid of criticism, and they are stronger.

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