Also useful against diabetes medicine, corona virus

Ontario: Medical experts at the University of Waterloo in Canada have discovered that a type of medication used for type 2 diabetes, commonly known as “DPP4 inhibitors” or “gliptins”, is corona. It prevents the virus from spreading inside the human body and thus can be useful in preventing coronavirus.

It should be noted that DPP4 inhibitor (DPP4 inhibitor) is not a single drug but a whole group of drugs that have been discovered and used in recent years. In addition, this type of medicine is taken in pill form instead of injection.

Experts have already made it clear that the first vaccine against the corona virus will be available in at least a year, while the period could be 18 months or more. In such cases, various existing drugs for the prevention of corona virus are being tested. Research at the University of Waterloo has also been done with this in mind.
The study studied the three-dimensional (3D) structure of the corona virus, which was found to be a DPP4 inhibitor type, a diabetes drug that can be used to increase the number and severity of the disease by dividing the virus. I can stop adding.

Dr Praveen Nikar, head of the study, warned that the DPP4 inhibitor should not be considered a cure for corona virus, but that it would help prevent the spread of corona virus and control the severity of the disease. Can be proved
Now that the drug has been placed in a culture dish, experts are preparing to test it on cells infected with the corona virus.

A press release on the University of Waterloo website states that the study has not yet been published in a research journal, but that its findings have been released immediately in the public interest.

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