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Alvida Ramadan

Ramadan is about to leave us. After Ramadan, let’s see if you eat less, sleep less, talk less and take care of yourself or start living the same life as before … ?

Remember! Almighty Allah has said in Surah Al-Imran that you cannot attain righteousness unless you give your favorite thing in the way of Allah. What could be more desirable than eating, drinking, resting and unbridled freedom of the soul? ? Eating less does not mean that you should forget about essential nutrients. Does eating less mean that you curb the urge to overeat and the accumulation of haraam and halal wealth in this regard? Wealth is the rule according to need, but in fact it is the unbridled lust for wealth which they want to deprive of human life.

What is the meaning of lust for more when a person can survive without eating or drinking much for a whole month? Lack of sleep does not necessarily mean that you take physical comfort out of your life, but it does mean that you make the best use of your schedule in worship and how much you relax for the sake of it. And preferring to be present in front of them, avoiding headless gatherings. Talking less means thinking more. During fasting, intense hunger and thirst automatically silences us.
In I’tikaaf in Ramadan, you separate yourself from the world and the mafia and consider the questions related to this world and the hereafter and review your life and perform the duty of guarding your soul. After a whole month of self-monitoring practice, now it is time to see how you spend your non-Ramadan moments in your life …?

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): Do not go near adultery, for it is an indecency and an evil way. A study of the commentaries makes it clear that approaching means staying away from actions, situations and individuals that can lead to adultery.

It is also important to see how carefully you are aware of the language and adultery that Ramadan has taught you about self-guarding, and who are the people who are backbiting, abusing, slandering, Engaging in obscene talk and nonsense puts both your time and your future at stake. ?

Ramadan has also taught you how severe the effects of hunger, thirst and lack of material comforts on human life. Thus begins the test of maintaining good manners and kindness to those around you. Surely you will be tested by your wealth and your soul. According to your hadith, faith is complete only when we do not like for our Muslim brother what we do for ourselves.

The purpose of our life is the standard fulfillment of rights and rights of worship. Rights and rights of worship are clear and in your case the standard of payment of these rights is also clear. Each of us has been subjected to a test in the fulfillment of these two kinds of rights, in our worldly life, in the presence of demons.

The purpose of the sciences of the Holy Quran and Hadith is to present the rights of the believers and the rights of the worshipers through them in such a way that the common people see this straight path in the context of their own lives and thus present it in life. There is always the possibility of a straight line between the two. But even after walking the straight path, success depends on the will of God.

We Muslims, from childhood to boyhood and from youth to middle age and then to old age, are in the process of setting the straight path. There are many lessons of Ramadan, but the end of all of them is how carefully and enthusiastically you apply them in your practical life. ? When the big devils are free after Ramadan, we have to take great care of our selves, so our test will require even more strict and careful attitudes.

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