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Known as Amanat Chan, Amanat Ali is a Pakistani stand-up comedian, TV, and stage actor. Amanat Chan is one of the leading comedy TV personalities in Pakistan. He works on many television series, television shows, stage dramas, and most of Pakistan’s popular comedy television show Mazaaq Raat, currently appearing on the Urdu-speaking television channel Dunya News.

He also works in Pakistani films and now he is starring in the funny TV show Hasab E Haal. He said that the main reason for his success in the TV and stage drama industry is that he has a unique style of talking which makes a very simple joke a comedy one. He ensures maximum use of his facial expressions and has fun with himself as well.

Amanat Chan Biodata

Name: Amanat Chan
Real Name: Amanat Ali
In Urdu: امانت چن
Famous As: Comedian
Nationality: Pakistani
Residence: Karachi Pakistan
Religion: Islam
Profession: Comedy Theater Artist
Fan Base: Pakistan and throughout the World
Famous Show in Abroad: London
Languages: Punjabi, Urdu
Performed: Number of Television dramas and Comedy Shows
Affiliation(s): Dunya News, GEO News
His Favourite Personalities: Mastana Saheb and Miraj Babral
Interview : On Punjab TV and in London
Famous Dramas: Muhabbat CNG 2, Raaj Khaan Deyian Mastian, Jab Dagh Nazar Aya
Occupation(s): Comedy Theater Artist

Disappointment is becoming our habit, Amanat Chan

Comedian Amanat Chan has said that it is becoming our habit to spread frustration at every moment which is not commendable in any way. “We must have positive thinking even in difficult situations that make things easier”. I have no competition with anyone. In an interview, Amanat Chan said that “frustration is a sin and it prolongs rather than solves problems”. We have to give up every moment that is becoming our habit. Amanat Chan said that thankfully there is no race for numbers among the dead like women.

Amanat Chan Stage Drama List

Sr# Famous Drama
1 Methey Kareley, 2018
2 Kaki, Stage Drama 2019
3 Jhanjhran Da Joura, 2019
4 Taza Dry Fruit 2019
5 Chiti Stage Drama 2015
6 Bulbul Stage Drama 2018
7 Ghori Charya Stage Drama 2018
8 Muhabbat CNG 2018
9 Do Rangeelay Stage Drama 2018
10 Sardi Mein Garmi Stage Drama 2018
11 Fukrey 2 Stage Drama 2018
12 Sali Nakhre Wali Stage Drama 2018
13 Wahle Nakamy Stage Drama 2017
14 Khair Yaar Di Stage Drama 2017

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Who added “Chan” to my name? It is unknown till today, Amanat Chan

Pakistan’s famous comedian Amanat Chan has said that his real name is Amanat Ali but despite the passage of so many years, I still do not know who added “Chan” to my name instead of Ali.

It is not necessary to make a name for oneself through pornography, I am proud that there is no such accusation against me on stage. In an interview, Amanat Chan said that “Pakistani comedians have proved their mettle all over the world and in the past, their parrots used to speak”.

The more I thank God, the fewer people consider me to be in the same line. “I try to get people to have fun with my facial expressions with the world and my fans appreciate this style,he said. Amanat Chan in reply to a question said that my real name is Amanat Ali but I want to tell the truth that in 1998 my name was added to “Chan” instead of Ali and I got fame with the same name but today It is unknown at this time who added “Chan” to my name.

Amanat Chan’s TV Shows

TV Show TV Channel 
Mazaaq Raat Dunya News
Hasb-e-Haal Dunya News
Khabarnaak GEO News

Amanat Chan Movie

Year Movie 
2010 Wohti ley ke jaani ay

Amanat Chan Family

Father Not Known
Mother Not Known
Children Not Known

Successful actors are identified by their eloquence: Amanat Chan

comedian Amanat Chan has said that a successful actor is known only by his eloquent speech on the occasion of the occasion. In an interview, Amanat Chan said that today’s stage has become a commercial one and perhaps some issues are not considered in the way that was considered in the past.

Not only pornography and dance are the guarantees of the success of a drama, but in the past, such masterpieces have been presented in which dance and pornography were not at all the dawn of the world. “Every human being understands good and evil and knows what he is doing and what the effects are,” he said. I can say to the best of my ability that I stay away from pornography, but I simply make my words with my actions in such a way that people are forced to laugh

It is very difficult to make the people sitting in front laugh said, Amanat Chan

Senior comedian Amanat Chan has said that it is a difficult art to make the people sitting in front of him laugh out loud and very few people have mastered it. This art has been damaged. In an interview, he said that it is not necessary to use such worlds in the name of comedy so that one would feel ashamed to sit with his family and watch a drama. The stage is a platform for optimization.

Should be and there are examples of this in the past. I try not to say anything that would embarrass the family. I am also entertaining people with my body movements along with the worlds and this art of mine has also been highly appreciated.

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