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American actress drowns during a boat trip

Police believe American actress Naya Rivera drowned in a lake near Los Angeles, but authorities have not found her body after a 24-hour search.

According to Reuters, Naya Rivera, 33, went on a trip to Lake Peru with her four-year-old son Josie, for which she rented a boat.

According to police officials, the actress has been missing for the past 24 hours and she is believed to have drowned in the lake as a result of the accident.

The actress’ son was found alone on a boat floating in the lake and told police he had gone swimming with his mother, but she did not return.

According to police officials, no criminal activity has been detected but it is too early to reach a conclusion. More than 100 personnel are still searching for the actress by helicopter and boat.

The American actress has played a prominent role in the popular TV series ‘Gali’

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