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American goldsmith hid a treasure of 1 million, the seeker will be the owner

An American goldsmith has hidden 1 million (Pakistani rupees 160 million) worth of jewellery in various locations on the ground and promised to sell tickets and give people some clues to help identify them. He claims that whoever removes this treasure will also own it.

Johnny Perry’s business in Michigan was hit hard by the Corona epidemic, so he decided to close the store and make  1 million in jewellery. They have hidden the jewellery in the ground in a dozen places and they want to make money by selling it to different people through its signage tickets.

They have hidden these jewels from the urban area of ​​Detroit to the beach. Now they have challenged the people to try their luck and find the treasure. Johnny says he has buried more than 1 million worth of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, gems and antiques. He said that there are some memory and history associated with every buried object.
He has named this game Johnny Treasure Quest. Gestures, riddles and other guides are given to find the treasure. But for all this you have to buy a limited number of tickets and the date of the competition will be announced regularly.

According to Johnny, if you understand the gestures, allusions and riddles, you will hardly find your share of the treasure in a week. The first phase in this regard will start on August 15, for which tickets have already been sold. A ticket costs 49 49, in exchange for چار 4,000 worth of precious metals. The second phase will start on September 13 and is priced at 59 59 and you can get 7 7,000 worth of gold for one ticket.

However, the management insists that the details of the treasury signals should not be shared on social media or anywhere else after buying tickets. In this way, free eaters will also benefit without having to buy a ticket. Doing so could put them out of contention.

Jimmy Perry has said that the location of the treasure is constantly being tracked by the GPS tracker system and if an attempt is made to take the treasure somewhere, Johnny can detect it immediately.

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