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An 18-year-old youth was killed by PUBG Game

LAHORE: An 18-year-old man committed suicide by falling into a trap after being banned from playing the popular online pub G game.

According to police, the incident took place at Punjab Society on Ghazi Road where Shehryar committed suicide after his elder brother forbade him from playing Pub G game.

The deceased Shehryar and his brother Shoaib were from Quetta and both lived in a flat.

According to the police, Shoaib told the police that Shahriar used to play most of the pub G games.

Police said they also found a note at the scene in which the deceased apologized to his pub G’s fellow player whose shop was also under his flat and also showed a girl committing suicide on a live call.

Police and forensic teams collected all the evidence from the spot and shifted the body of the deceased to the morgue.

Earlier in Lahore, two youths had committed suicide due to the PubG game.

More interest in the Pub G game is proving to be deadly for the youth and deaths from other countries like Pakistan are also on the rise

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