An app that shows anemia just by looking at the eye
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An app that shows anemia just by looking at the eye

NEW YORK: Tests for hemoglobin deficiency will no longer be needed, and soon an app will be able to detect what is commonly called anemia.

All the medical staff has to do is open the app and turn on the smartphone’s camera. Then bend the lower eyelid in such a way that the inner surface is visible. After taking a picture of it, it goes to a large database where the algorithm can estimate the severity of anemia in the patient.

Although by looking at the exact same process, even expert doctors can diagnose anemia from the redness of the eyes, but many times doctors also make mistakes. This app can be very useful here and the general medical staff can make a better decision.
Excessive deficiency of a protein called hemoglobin indicates anemia and excess, and software can provide additional support to doctors in this regard. It is now being tested in a short app, after which the final version of the app will be presented.

It was created by Professor Young Kim of the University of Purdue and his team. But he admits that it cannot replace the traditional test. But it can show the hemoglobin count immediately without any discomfort. Even before that, the need for repeated blood transfusions for anemic patients will be eliminated or reduced.

This technique involves the analysis of the eye in a spectroscopic manner based on the rate at which visible light is absorbed into the hemoglobin. The software then estimates the level of anemia at the moment.

There are two algorithms on the back, one that makes the camera image very high quality and clarifies the details, and the other that calculates the hemoglobin count.

The app has been tested on 153 Kenyan patients. It used the app along with the traditional test and got very good results. On the other hand, the same app can be used successfully to count hemoglobin in people with leukemia. The good news is that it doesn’t require any additional tools or hardware.

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