An Indian citizen has filed a complaint against Google Maps
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An Indian citizen has filed a complaint against Google Maps

MUMBAI: A man in India has lodged a complaint with the police, blaming Google Maps for ruining his marriage.

According to a report of a foreign news agency, a shopkeeper in the area of ​​Myla Dothorai in the Indian state of Nagapattinam cut the leaflet blaming Google Map for the ruin of married life.

The Indian citizen said that the location on the Google Map app was shown incorrectly which ruined his married life.

According to the report, 49-year-old Archandra Sukhar said that his wife used to ask him why he went to these places because of the Your Timeline feature in Google Map, the most popular navigation app.

The Indian man claimed that Google Maps pointed out places he had never been to and that was why there was a quarrel between him and his wife.

According to Archandra, for the past several months, my wife has been constantly checking Google Map’s ‘Your Timeline’ feature and not letting me sleep and asking where I went and because of this our marital life started to deteriorate. ۔

When the Indian citizen arrived at the police station to register the form, the police officers told him that we would call the couple for counseling and if that did not resolve the issue, we would adopt a different strategy.

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