500-year-old human skull
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Archaeologists have used technology to create a face from a 500-year-old skull

Experts used 3D technology to make a face out of a 500-year-old human skull. According to a foreign news agency, the researchers found 500 years old human skull which he transformed into a human face with the help of 3D technology. Experts say it is not clear whether he was a merchant or a craftsman but he is sure that he would have looked the same as in the 16th century.

The face has been created with the help of technology. Archaeologists say that during the research, many unusual discoveries were made, and at the same time they found the skull of a man who is now between 35 and 44 years old. Speaking to the news agency, archaeologist Markin Krzysztof said: I have no idea but he was a resident of Dzonov.

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