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As of June 30, the expected cases of Corona have dropped from 300,000 to 200,000, Asad Omar said

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister Asad Omar has said that the expected cases of coronavirus have been reduced by 75,000 by June 30.

Briefing on the situation of coronavirus in the country, Federal Minister Asad Omar said that people have taken precautionary measures against the increase in corona cases, the threat of corona has not been averted and we have to play a responsible role in the society. Cases were expected which have now come down to 225,000.

Asad Omar said that we had presented the facts on June 14 and it was estimated that the number of Corona cases could reach 300,000 by June 30, but in today’s meeting, we reviewed the opinion of experts and now the number of opportunity cases. It has decreased, which was expected to reach three lakhs is likely to reach two lakhs.

Asad Omar said that if precautionary measures were not taken, repentance could spread rapidly and the situation could worsen. If everyone did the right thing and fulfilled their responsibilities, including the government, it could be significantly successful in stopping the spread. The spread of repentance can be controlled.

“If we are not careful, the situation could get worse. The health system is being improved. The situation is not such that the health system seems to be paralyzed. We are trying to ensure that business life continues,” he added. Let the poor not be affected and let us protect the health of the people. I am not saying that the threat of Corona has been averted, but in the last two weeks the situation has improved and more will come.

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