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Asia’s most expensive divorce, the woman became a billionaire

After a divorce in China, the woman became a billionaire and became one of the richest people in the world.

According to a foreign news agency, the owner of a well-known company gave more than 160 million shares to his ex-wife after the divorce.

It is the most expensive divorce in Asia after naming his ex-wife after a divorce of over 160 million shares.

The owner of this well-known Chinese company is the one who is developing a vaccine for corona virus.

The owner of the company divorced his wife Yuan, after which the value of his assets increased from 6 6.5 billion to 3 3.1 billion.

Keep in mind that this divorce is being called the most expensive divorce in Asia, while the most expensive divorce in the world is that of Amazon owner Jeff Bezos.

¬†Amazon owner Jeff Bezos paid his wife 48 billion after the divorce, making her the world’s fourth richest woman.

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