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Atif Aslam set a new record on Instagram

Atif Aslam is one of the singers who has made a name for himself not only across the border but also internationally thanks to his singing and unique style. Atif has recently crossed the 5 million milestones on Instagram.

With over five million followers, Atif is one of the few Pakistani celebrities to be followed on social media.

The singer is not very active on social media, so there is no post from him in this regard.


Recently, the well-known Indian music production company T-Series removed Atif Aslam’s song “Kana Sohna” from the YouTube channel saying that we will not release or promote any Pakistani artist’s song in the future. There was no difference, but the name of Atif Aslam was making a top trend due to the tweets in support of the singer on Twitter.

This month, Atif Aslam said that giving the call to prayer in the Kaaba is the greatest desire of my life. Whoever recommends me to give the call to prayer in the Ka’bah, I am ready to work for it for the rest of my life.

Earlier, in October 2019, Mahira Khan had the honor of being the first celebrity in the Pakistan showbiz industry to have 5 million followers.
Currently, actress Ayman Khan is at the top with 6.5 million followers, while Mahira and Aiza Khan are followed by 6.2 million fans.

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