Babar Azam

Babar Azam needs time to become world class: Aamir Sohail

Babar will have to prove himself in long Test cricket like Javed Miandad and Younis Khan: Former captain
 Former Test captain of the national cricket team Aamir Sohail has said that you can be called the last world class batsman of Pakistan, Younis Khan, Babar Azam has a long way to go and has a lot to achieve in life. But younis Khan can be called the last world class batsman in Pakistan cricket.
Asked if Babar Azam, who is in the top 10 batsmen in all three formats of ICC, is not a world class batsman in his opinion, Aamir Sohail said that it is not so, Babar Azam has a long way to go. I have a lot to achieve, to say that Babar Azam became a world class batsman, would be a little premature. Aamir Sohail says that it is a fact that the right-handed batsman’s century innings in the World Cup against New Zealand in Birmingham Pakistan team Was the reason for the victory.
But now Babar will have to play more match winning innings, not that Babar Azam is not playing his role for the batting team in recent times, he has given full proof of his role and ability, but now he has the legend Javed Miandad and The former Test cricketer added that it is a tragedy of Pakistan cricket that in one or two performances we do not hesitate to include a player in the list of great players. And it is in us that a few bad innings are brought down from heaven to earth.
Speaking in this context, he opined that instead of weaving the earth and sky for the players in one or two innings, it would be better to remind them to look consistently and with their heads bowed. You have a future. This means that instead of being proud of one or two performances, you should constantly be proud of this performance philosophy. Aamir Sohail said that Babar Azam is undoubtedly important in Pakistan’s batting line-up, but it would be good to let him play now, compare him with the great batsmen of the past and keep him away from the world rankings. And Pakistan cricket will be in the wider interest of both.

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