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Bad news for Pakistanis wishing to perform Hajj

Bad news for Pakistanis wishing to perform Hajj, all hopes were dashed

ISLAMABAD: The Hajj operation in Pakistan is expected to start this year on June 25, but the Ministry of Religious Affairs has not yet received any signal from the Saudi Ministry of Hajj in this regard. One lakh seven thousand pilgrims have performed Hajj.

However, due to the Corona epidemic, the Pakistani quota for Hajj is expected to be reduced by 70% this year. Sources said that the payment of Hajj is expected on July 25 this year, but the public sector

There are no clear guidelines for Hajj pilgrims under the private Hajj scheme, due to which the booking of Hajj pilgrims under the private scheme is still a problem. Due to Corona, the number of Hajj pilgrims should be limited.

There is a strong possibility that the Hajj package may increase the cost of the Hajj package by another 30 percent even after a limited number of pilgrims are allowed to go to Corona.

Corona may refer to SOPs. The Saudi Ministry of Hajj may open the Haram to the public by the end of June and allow worship, but this also depends on the situation in Corona’s case. Hajj under the private Hajj scheme The owners of the companies have not yet finalized matters regarding accommodation and travel arrangements in Saudi Arabia and are also awaiting a signal from the Saudi government regarding the Hajj.

It should be noted that the Saudi Ministry of Religious Affairs has said that in view of the current situation after the coronavirus, Umrah and Ziarat will remain suspended but it will continue to be reviewed. According to Saudi media, the Ministry of Hajj said in a statement that experts are considering the situation of the global epidemic and as soon as the situation improves, a better decision can be made in this regard. It is now slowly recovering, but no decision has yet been made regarding the restoration of Hajj and Umrah.

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