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Balochistan has lost more than Rs 10 billion in the last five months

The global epidemic Corona has cost Balochistan more than Rs 10 billion in the last five months.

According to sources in the Balochistan Finance Department, while the Corona virus epidemic has severely damaged the country’s economy, it has also cost the province more than Rs 10 billion.

According to sources, the provincial government has procured medical equipment worth Rs 2 billion in connection with Corona and about Rs 4 billion in taxes have been given relief, while the provincial government has not collected more than Rs 4 billion in taxes due to business closure. Has been

Sources said that some development schemes of the current financial year are likely to be affected due to the financial loss caused by the corona virus and the budget deficit of the next financial year is likely to increase.

Sources fear that if Corona is not brought under control, the province could face a severe financial crisis.

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