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Bilal Saeed apologized for recording the song in the mosque

LAHORE: Singer Bilal Saeed has apologized for recording a video of a song in Wazir Khan Mosque and announced not to include scenes filmed in the mosque in the video.

Releasing a video statement on his Twitter account, the singer said, “We realize that what has happened in the last few days has deeply hurt your feelings.” We, as Muslims, as civilized people and as artists, will never insult or disgrace Islam or any other religion, race, caste, colour or creed.

He said in the video statement that the marriage scenes were filmed in the mosque but due to misunderstanding, it was understood that we played music in the mosque and violated its sanctity by dancing on it. “Alhamdulillah, I am also a Muslim and I was trained in a Muslim family. I can’t even think of such a thing,” he said.

Bilal Saeed said that knowing God as the present spectator, I say that we did not play music or dance in the mosque. The management of the mosque there is also a witness to this. However, this misunderstanding was caused by a clip. We make mistakes unknowingly and we humans make mistakes. Me, Saba Qamar and I all apologize to Allah Almighty.

He said that if we have unknowingly hurt someone’s feelings, we sincerely apologize to you. The video statement issued should be considered as a sincere apology from me, Saba Qamar.

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