Blue light, a new weapon against hardened bacteria
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Blue light, a new weapon against hardened bacteria

Boston: We know that there are many diseases, including TB, against which all our antibiotics are rapidly failing. Now a hope of light has appeared in the form of blue light. It is expected to kill bacteria very quickly, including MRSA, also called SRS for short.

Experts say that photosynthesis can even weaken bacteria such as MRSA for a while, so that they can be eliminated with antibiotics. It should be noted that fenugreek is the most well-known bacterium that is resistant to the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus.

“Our new method physically weakens the MRSA and breaks its strong outer shell,” says Jay Zin, a professor of biomedical engineering and electrical engineering at Boston University.
Professor Jay Zinn has been working on it since 2017 and discovered the process by accident. SRIs contain a golden yellow element called staphylococci (STX). According to experts, it is severely affected by blue light.

But in the process, another thing happened that the entire MRSA collection or colony was also destroyed. So it turned out that if STX was destroyed, the bacteria would also die. Experts note that blue light destroys 90% of MRSA cells. And the remaining 10% of bacteria can be killed by drugs.

In the next step, experts infected the skin of a mouse with MRSA. They were illuminated for only ten minutes and then given a popular antibiotic, diptomycin, which eliminated 95% of the bacteria. This proves that blue light has very effectively killed bacteria that are not eliminated by drugs.

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