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Border tensions with India: Nepal releases new map

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s cabinet has approved a new political map following the escalating border dispute with India, in which the Indian-occupied territories of Lipolikh, Kalapani and Lampiadra have been declared part of Nepal.

According to a foreign news agency, India has shown these areas on its map for a long time, while according to Nepal, this is a violation of the 1816 Agreement.

In this regard, a Cabinet meeting was held at the official residence of the Prime Minister of Nepal KP Oli in which Nepali Minister for Land Management Padma Arial presented a new political map.

According to Nepalese Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Gahwali, the Prime Minister said in the cabinet meeting that the government would protect the land of its forefathers while urging all leaders to exercise restraint on the issue.

On the other hand, government spokesman Yuvraj Khati Wada said that the new political map would be used in every government institution and in all textbooks.

The decision was made by the Nepalese government after the Indian Ministry of Defense recently inaugurated a link road to the Chinese border through Lipolikh.

Following the inauguration of this link road, a press note was issued by the Government of Nepal stating that the eastern part of the Mahakali River belonged to Nepal as per the 1816 Sagoli Agreement, while the Indian Government stated that Made in the same area.

It is believed that the area of ​​Lipolikh is close to the borders of China, Nepal and India. Nepal is angry after this move of India while anti-India protests are going on in Nepal on the issue of occupation of Lipolikh.

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