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British government announces new rules for foreigners

London: The United Kingdom has taken emergency measures to prevent illegal immigrants. In this regard, the British government has decided to implement new laws for foreigners.

The government has stepped up emergency measures to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the UK and has decided to quarantine those arriving in the UK for 14 days from June 8, the British Home Office has announced. Foreigners who do not quarantine will be deported.

The spokesman added that violators of quarantine laws could be fined up to ایک 1,000.
The British Home Secretary says the laws are aimed at protecting the public from the corona virus.

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It should be noted that plans have also been started for new laws regarding the repatriation of boats of refugees from France.

Under various human rights laws, the courts are seriously reviewing laws to prevent delays in deportation.

According to sources, after Briggs, new legislation is under consideration between the UK and the EU on a number of issues, with the return of refugees topping the list. Are considering.

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