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Businesses will be opened under SOPs so that people do not starve

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that 150 million people in Pakistan have been affected by Corona virus and we cannot take care of so many people, so we will open all businesses under SOPs so that people do not starve. Imran Khan said that we cannot imitate Europe on the issue of lockdown because there is no poverty like Pakistan. We cannot lock down and close down the business. Until the vaccine arrives, the virus will not be controlled we have to live.

Talking to reporters in Islamabad, he said that 2.5 crore workers are those who live on either day or week’s earnings. If they lock down completely, what will happen to these 2.5 crore workers? There was a fear of death, Pakistan barely gave a ڈالر 8 billion relief package, now we can no longer afford the lockdown.
He said that corona spreads rapidly as people gather.

The decision to open the lockdown was thought by the medical staff to increase the pressure on hospitals. We have a working-class and a wage earner. The situation of Corona in Pakistan has been better than other countries and now we will open business under SOPs. Imran Khan said that the areas where Corona cases have increased will have to be sealed. We do not know how much time and Corona will be with Experts around the world are saying that there will be no vaccine this year, I urge the whole nation to follow the SOPs.

He said that the doctors and nurses were worried that if the lockdown opened, the pressure would increase. The doctors knew that the softening of the lockdown would put more pressure on them. What effect does the lockdown have on the whole economy? As you can see, experts around the world say that a vaccine is not possible for a year. The Prime Minister said that we are fully aware of the concern of the medical staff.

PM Imran Khan said, “I assure you that I feel the pressure on doctors and nurses. We have to look at Corona on the one hand and the impact on the society on the other. If anyone assures me that one or three months of lockdown There was nothing better if the virus was eradicated. We would try to do it using domestic resources.

He said that experts are saying that no vaccine for corona virus can be developed till this year and there is no cure for the virus without it. The Prime Minister said that lockdown is to stop people. The virus will not spread but the virus will not be eradicated. Cases are re-emerging in Wuhan and South Korea. He said that there is a virus. Whenever we give people a chance to meet, the virus will spread. We have to live with this virus. Imran Khan said that can we implement continuous lockdown in the country, people affected by lockdown in Pakistan. Hardly a package of 8 billion, the United States 22 2200 billion, Germany one thousand billion euros and Japan a package of  1200 billion.

“I have been saying since day one that we cannot lock down like the United States, Germany and China,” he said. “Lockdown has affected 150 million people at the moment. Tell our medical community what to do with them. How many of us?” 12,000 rupees for a long time and how long will this 12,000 rupees be enough for a family. Imran Khan said that cases are going to increase in the coming days. National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) has analyzed the cases of corona virus in the country. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that cases of corona virus will increase but if If these people do not start working, more people will die of starvation than Corona.

He said that other countries may be saving their economies but we are saving our people from starvation. Now it is our duty to open the lockdown. Imran Khan said that due to all the steps we have taken, the situation is still under control. Yes, when I spoke on April 24, the number of positive cases of Corona was estimated at 52,695 and 1,324, but the number of cases and deaths is much lower than the estimates and has not yet hit our hospitals.

PM Imran Khan said that the government is mentally ready to increase the number of cases and by the end of June our hospital facilities will be available and according to estimates only 4 or 5 out of every 100 need to go to the hospital. An intensive care unit (ICU) is being set up to increase this capacity. He said that during the crisis of Corona virus, they should play a responsible role in stopping the rapid spread of Corona virus in the nation. Cash from the Relief Fund will be disbursed from Monday (May 8).

The Prime Minister said that the government was trying to reach a consensus with the provinces on opening public transport for the benefit of the poor. Federal Minister for Planning Asad Umar praised the role of the media in spreading awareness about the corona virus. Addressing a press conference along with the Prime Minister and other ministers, he said that the media was playing a better role in informing the people. The coronavirus virus

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