Joe Biden's lead over Donald Trump
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Joe Biden’s lead over Donald Trump, will the stubborn businessman return to the Oval Office?

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has a 3.7-point lead over Donald Trump. In addition, a state like Florida, which has 29 electoral votes, has slipped out of the hands of Republicans. The swing states also include the state of Texas, which is considered the red state this time, with 38 electoral votes. The state of

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Hagia Sophia
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Hagia Sofia History | History Of Hagia Sofia |From Mosque To Church And From Church To Mosque

When the Ottomans, led by the victorious Sultan, conquered Constantinople in 1453. The Ottomans named the city of Istanbul. Decoration of Hagia Sofia Since Islam was the main religion of the Ottomans, a mosque in Hagia Sophia was renovated. As part of the conversion, the Ottomans covered many original Orthodox mosaics designed by Kadaskar Mustafa

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Pakistan’s last warning brought color, Tik Tok made a big change in the app

Responding to a final notice from the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) on inappropriate content, Tik Tok said that compliance with the law was the company’s top priority. A statement issued by the leading video sharing application TikTok in response to the final notice said that TikTok’s first priority is to keep the internal environment of

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