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Chief Justice made a big announcement

Explaining its decision, the apex court said that the order to open shopping centers on Saturday and Sunday was in the context of Eid. The Chief Justice said that the situation would be reviewed after Eid. According to details, a five-member large bench headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed heard the Corona self-notice case in the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice said that our problem

There is no cost, we want to provide better service to the people, human resources are available for the people, they are not working well, when the patient reaches them, he gets stuck, tests in government laboratories came positive and he came negative from private clinics, the same happened in Supreme Court Lahore Registry. He saw a video of a man from National Hospital Lahore crying.

Justice Gulzar in his remarks said that doctors and medical staff salute, the bad people in this staff are a cause for concern, everything is not money, do not play games for money, money is not important but people are important, the country’s economy is equal to Afghanistan, Somalia is done from Yemen, Pakistan is the poorest nation, no one cares about it.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan said that Lahore Expocentre, Islamabad and Qantina are watching videos of Selugs, people are saying angrily that outside Marjalikan but Pakistan No, 10, 10 people are sitting together in quarantine centers. How is this quarantine? No cleanliness is being maintained in these quarantine centers, coroner’s patients are being given world medicine. Justice Gulzar said that a man was crying and his wife was not coroner but doctors were not leaving, washrooms in quarantine centers are not clean, there is no water, on social media.

The condition of quarantine centers is running Zarki videos, suspected patients are telling immigrants in the videos not to come to Pakistan, we are playing with money, people do not feel it. During the hearing in the Coronaaz self-notice case, the chairman NDM appeared in court. Keep people worse than animals All government resources should be spent on the people, government resources should not be used for a particular class, the specific class is only 2%, NDMA is working in cities, not even in villages, as much as quarantine.

The centers were set up only in the cities, people in the villages are walking on foot. In his remarks, the Chief Justice said, “Our concern is not about the cost, our concern is over the quality of services. The test from the government lab of the suspected patient is positive, negative from private. The same happened to the Lahore registry employees of the Supreme Court.” Positive from the lab, negative from the private. Justice Gulzar said that the quality of goods imported from China is not checked, we sell low quality goods at high prices, the world checks the quality of imported goods at borders, this is not the case here, everyone is just playing with money, no one’s worries, Pakistan The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court said that NDM is importing equipment from China.

In China, only one party is sending NDM equipment, a single machine has been ordered for the manufacture of goods at the local level and Chairman NDM What is this Destro Pakistan Army? This machine belongs to a private army personnel or to the Pakistan Army. The machines that are called from outside would be sent to a private man. You did not allow the machine to be sent to any other man.

Chairman NDMA said that private people are also calling for machines and equipment. On which the Chief Justice said that you should make everything in your own country. No one from outside will give you or take from you, prepare food items, medicines and other goods in your own country, if someone buys goods from you, you will be able to buy from someone.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court said that if you use university graduates, you can run institutions You can manage it, you have politicized everything, you have destroyed steel mills, steel mills were producing tanks and other equipment, many companies have been shut down due to wrong policies, you have to work at public or private level, people should get jobs. Justice Gulzar said that you will also go below Somalia.

You are going below the poverty line, the resources of the country are for the people, not just for 2%, spend the resources on the remaining 98% of the people. In his remarks, he said that you have invested crores of rupees but nothing seems to be happening. Now only the pilgrims will get some benefit, otherwise Tohaji would also spend there in the worst conditions, on which the chairman NDMA said that NDMA is also providing help to others, with our cooperation 1 million PPs have been created in the country. Justice Gulzar Chairman NDM said in such a conversation that you should leave the calculation of money, everything is being ordered from China, in Pakistan cheap goods are being imported from China, which sells for 10 to 1000 rupees, in America the color of toys is also checked that Children will not be allergic, everything comes here without checking at the border.

The Chief Justice said that all medical equipments can be manufactured in Pakistan, the time is coming when nothing including medicines will be available from outside, Pakistan will have to be independent in everything, if steel mills are run then ships and tanks can also be built here, DC factories are now closed. Steel mills are not allowed to run for political reasons.

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