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Chief Justice of Pakistan issued an explosive order

The Supreme Court has ordered small markets across the country to remain open on Saturdays and Sundays as well as shopping malls. According to private TV, a five-member bench of the apex court headed by the chief justice is hearing the coronavirus suo motu notice case. In this regard, Additional Attorney General, Advocate General Sindh, and other officials including Commissioner Karachi appeared before the court. At the beginning of the hearing, Commissioner Karachi told the court that some markets have been sealed for non-compliance with SOPs. Advocate General

He directed Sindh and Commissioner Karachi not to stop small shopkeepers from working. If you close the shops, the shopkeepers will starve to death instead of Corona. Open the sealed markets and explain to them instead of intimidating them. The question is, are all the markets open except the 5 big malls in Karachi? If the rest of the markets are open then why are the shopping malls closed? The Chief Justice asked us to tell the logic, whether the epidemic has promised the governments that it will not come on Saturday and Sunday, whether the governments get tired on Saturday and Sunday, whether the sun rises from the west on Saturday and Sunday, we wrote Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that the rush increases on Eid, the markets should not be closed even on Saturday and Sunday, you do not want to wear new clothes but want to take others, very The family wears new clothes only on Eid.

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