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Children’s intelligence is passed on from mother to child

Intelligence is a divine gift and no one can stop a person from succeeding if he uses his intelligence in combination with hard work, perseverance and foresight.

There is a general belief that intelligence can be inherited and passed on to different family members, but a recent study found that children’s intelligence is a gift they receive from their mother.

According to a study conducted in Germany, a child’s intelligence depends on how intelligent his mother is, that is, intelligence is passed on from the mother and not from the father or anyone else.

Research has shown that intelligence genes are located on chromosome X and that women have 2X chromosomes, which is why children are more likely to pass on intelligence from their mothers.

In contrast, men have only one X chromosome, so they are less likely to pass on intelligence from their father. Research has also shown that genes for father’s intelligence become inactive.

A 1994 study found that a child’s intelligence or IQ could be predicted by a mother’s IQ.

In addition to genetic factors, babies spend most of their lives developing their brains, including childhood. In such cases, the mother’s intelligence, habits and nature affect the children.

Therefore, an intelligent mother raises her children very wisely. Children’s personality and brain-building are a reflection of the mother’s intelligence.

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