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Contact between Pakistan’s young singer Hadia Hashmi and Indian singer Sonu Nigam

Lahore: Young Pakistani singer Hadiya Hashmi and Indian singer Sonu Nigam have made contact and are already appreciative of Jawan’s singing.

The young Pakistani singer Hadia Hashmi, who made countless fans at an early age, was inspired by the songs and melodies played by her father’s tape recorder at home, Queen Noorjahan, to become such a good singer that now her name is on the tongues of great singers.

Young singer Hadiya Hashmi contacted Indian Glucarsonungam via video call. Praising Hadia Hashmi’s sarcastic voice, Sonu Nigam said, “Your voice is different from many other singers. I hope you will soon be on the list of great artists.”

The young singer said that she was very happy to talk to Sonongam, today a dream came true, Sonongam gave many suggestions for the future which I will follow.

It is to be noted that Sonongam had shared a video on her Instagram account in which she was listening to Hadia Hashmi’s song “Bol Ho” and tears could be seen in her eyes. “After many days, a voice has touched my heart,” Sonu Nigam said as he listened to the song.

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