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Corona Free New Zealand confirms 2 new cases

Just two days after the corona was released, two new corona cases have been confirmed in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on June 8 that the country was corona-free and lifted sanctions.

According to foreign media reports, the New Zealand Ministry of Health has confirmed that after 24 days no new cases have been reported, the coronavirus has now been confirmed in two women who returned from the UK on June 7.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health said in a statement that the two women belonged to the same family and had fled the country following the death of their parents.

According to the Ministry of Health, one woman showed mild symptoms of coronavirus while the other woman showed no symptoms.

The New Zealand government has once again announced tightening travel restrictions following two new Corona cases.

The total number of patients in New Zealand has risen to 1506 after two new cases of the corona, while the death toll is 22.

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