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Corona virus can also enter the body through the eyes: research

Scientists around the world are working day and night to investigate the spread of the global corona virus and its eradication, and a new development is emerging in this regard.
Regarding the spread of the corona virus, scientists have recently discovered that the virus can also enter the body through the eyes.
A study conducted by scientists at Johns Hopkins University in the United States concluded that if a person infected with the corona virus sneezes or coughs drops into another person’s eyes, it can cause it. The virus can enter the body through the person’s eyes.

Scientists say that the corona virus targets the ACE2 receptor in the human body and these ACE2 receptors are present in the eyes.

After the research, scientists say that doctors and other medical personnel treating the corona virus should not only wear masks, gloves and protective clothing to prevent the spread of the virus, but also use special goggles.

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