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Corona virus kills 20 more people, death toll exceeds 300, know how many people have been tested across the country so far

Islamabad National Command and Operations Center has released the latest update on corona virus, according to which in the last 24 hours, 20 people lost their lives, bringing the death toll to 301, corona virus patients across the country. The total number reached 14079, 3233 patients recovered and went home. On Tuesday, according to the NCOC, the number of corona virus patients in the country reached 14079, the highest number of 5640 in Punjab and 4956 in Sindh. In KPK

1984 There are 320 patients in Gilgit, 853 in Balochistan, 261 in Islamabad, 65 in Azad Kashmir. The death toll has risen to 301 across the country. 3233 patients have recovered and returned home. While 20 deaths occurred, 6417 tests were conducted in 24 hours across the country. According to the NCOC, 157,223 tests have been conducted across the country so far, and the condition of 111 patients across the country is critical.

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