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Corona’s Historic War on the Country’s Economy

It Has Become Difficult to Make a Budget, Paying Salaries is Also a Big Challenge, the Government Has Made a Final Decision to Turn to the Imf

ISLAMABAD: The Corona virus and lockdown have had the worst impact on the country’s economy, making it difficult to prepare a budget for the year 2020-21, sources said, citing the Finance Ministry. The government has taken a final decision to negotiate a new package with the IMF. This decision was taken at a meeting of the Monetary and Fiscal Policy Coordination Board held yesterday. He said that paying salaries should be the biggest challenge for the provinces and the federation

The new package will formulate a formula for ensuring payroll salaries on a quarterly basis, and will also discuss the usage statistics of all the global packages received so far, the sources added. Graphs of beautification and industrial decline will be presented, the new package is expected to emerge after the analysis of these graphs.

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