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Coronavirus spreads to 157 countries worldwide, death toll rises to 6518 after New York also closes all restaurants and nightclubs in Los Angeles

Washington Corona spreads to 157 countries in the world, Italy has recorded a total of 368 deaths in a single day, while worldwide deaths have exceeded 6,518, Iran has recorded 113 deaths in twenty-four hours. In Los Angeles, all restaurants and nightclubs were closed. According to media reports, China has largely overcome the deadly virus. In one day, the number of casualties has dropped to 14 while only sixteen new cases have been reported after the death of a record 368 people, the death toll rose to 1809. After 113 more deaths in Iran, the death toll has risen to 724. 75 people in New Korea, 292 in Spain, 127 in France and 35 in the UK have died from Corona. In the US, 69 people have been killed in Corona. After New York, all restaurants and nightclubs in Los Angeles were closed. The mosque has decided to close the mosque partially due to concerns from Corona. Prayer will continue in the courtyard of the mosque, according to the department. South African president bans citizens of countries affected by Corona.

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