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Criticism of clothing; Halima Sultan’s annoyed response to Pakistani fans

KARACHI: Turkish actress Esri, popularly known as Halima Sultan in Pakistan, has silenced a Pakistani fan who criticized her dress.

The Turkish drama “Ertugrul Ghazi” is very popular in Pakistan and people are not only watching the drama but also expressing their feelings and love through the story and characters of the drama. Many Pakistanis have fallen in love with Halima Sultan after seeing her beauty and innocence. While the play is being well received on social media, some Pakistani fans are also criticizing the personal lives of the characters of the play.

The most critically acclaimed Pakistani drama heroine is Esri. In her personal life, her role in the drama is very different from that of Halima, and in normal life, she wears western-style clothes and often shares pictures in this dress on social media.

However, Esri’s Western-style dress does not catch the eye of her Pakistani fans and many Pakistanis have expressed their grief and anger on Asri’s social media account by criticizing her dress. Even Asri was annoyed and stopped commenting on Instagram. Criticism of Asri Bulgich by Pakistanis continues.

On social media, once again, a Pakistani fan of Esri criticized her dress, saying, “Halima Baji, please don’t wear such clothes, they are not good.” However, this time, instead of closing his comment or remaining silent, he was annoyed by the criticism from Pakistanis and replied to this person saying, “I want to give you a piece of advice. Please don’t follow me. Thank you.”


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