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Diamond masks began to be sold in India

According to media reports, the state government has made it mandatory to wear masks due to the coronavirus and citizens are wearing masks of different colors and styles. Diamond masks are available in a shop for Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 4 lakh. Shop owner Deepak Choksi said that masks are made from cloth as per the instructions of the government and American diamonds are being used in the masks along with gold.

The second mask is made of white gold and real diamonds which cost Rs 4 lakh. The shopkeeper said that the idea came when a customer said that for the bride and groom. “We asked our designers to create the mask and the customer bought it, after which we made a wide range of masks because people will come in the coming days,” he said. I will need it. Deepak Choksi said that real and American diamonds are used in the manufacture of these masks along with gold. He added that the diamond used in the mask can be removed and used in other jewellery.

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