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Divorce to Saira and marriage to Sadaf, Shahrooz broke the silence on constant criticism

As soon as the news of the marriage of actor Shahrooz Sabzwari and model Sadaf Kanwal became the adornment of social media, an endless series of accusations and criticism from users has started.

Upon hearing the news of Shahrooz and Sadaf’s marriage, social media users reacted in an unusual way and they are blaming Sadaf Kanwal for Saira and Shahrooz’s divorce.

On the other hand, besides criticizing Sadaf and Shahrooz, consumers are also expressing sympathy for Saira Yousaf.

Sadaf and Shahrooz’s name has become a top trend on Twitter and a series of criticisms and accusations against them are still going on.

In this regard, actor Shahrooz Sabzwari could not remain silent and he responded to the discussion on social media through his video message.

The actor said in his video message that “what is being said about me and my family is unbearable. I swear that the reason for my and Saira’s separation is not because of any woman including Sadaf Kanwal or infidelity.” ۔

“I am openly challenging anyone who says that I have divorced Saira because of a woman to come forward and prove it,” Shahrooz told the accusers.

“Saira and I tried our best not to break up our relationship but we separated due to very personal reasons which we could not resolve. We did not want to divorce Saira and that is why our relationship is blessed,” he said. It ended with great honor and respect.

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