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Donald Trump threatens to shut down social media

After electronic media and newspapers, US President Donald Trump has now come down to confrontation with social media and has threatened to shut down social media.

In his post on Twitter, Donald Trump says that Republicans (people in Trump’s party) feel that social media platforms will completely silence the voices of conservatives, so before that happens, we will either rule them out. I will bring or close them and will not allow them to succeed.

He further said that he (social media) had made similar attempts in the 2016 elections but failed.

The statement by Donald Trump came at a time when Twitter has called the two tweets of the US President unsatisfactory and accused them of making false claims.

Yesterday, Donald Trump tweeted expressing concern over the election by postal ballot, in which he said that voting by post is no less than fraud, mailboxes will be looted, votes will be fake and non- Will be legally printed and fraudulently signed.

Following the US President’s tweet, his tweets were labeled as ‘Fact Check’ by Twitter.

This is done by Twitter when a tweet contains allegedly inaccurate or misleading information.

“Twitter is stifling opportunity of articulation, and as president I won’t permit that to occur,” he said.

He further added that Twitter was interfering in the 2020 presidential election and said that his statement regarding postal voting was incorrect.

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