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Dozens of showbiz stars, including Kim Kardashian, have had their social media accounts suspended

American actress and model Kim Kardashian and dozens of other showbiz stars have announced the closure of their social media accounts for spreading hateful propaganda and misinformation.

Kim Kardashian wrote in her social media statement yesterday that spreading misinformation on social media has very serious effects.

The boycott of social media accounts by Kim Kardashian and other showbiz figures is part of a stophateforprofit campaign launched by civil society.

Under the campaign, showbiz personalities will suspend their social media accounts for 24 hours.

“I cannot remain silent on the issue of hate, propaganda, and misinformation spread by social media platforms,” ​​Kim Kardashian wrote.

The actress further wrote that misinformation has a serious impact on our elections and democracy.

The campaign also includes Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Sasha Baron, Jennifer Lawrence, and singer Katy Perry.

Singer Katy Perry wrote on her Instagram accounts that she cannot remain silent on the spread of false information by social media platforms.

The Stop Hate for Profit campaign against Facebook and Instagram was launched in June this year, accusing these social media platforms of failing to take appropriate steps to curb the spread of hateful and misinformation. ۔

The social media platform Facebook, which is also a core group of Instagram and WhatsApp, earned 70 70 billion in advertising last year.

In June, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he would remove all hate ads from his social media platform, but continued to spread hateful ads and misinformation on social media platforms. to be continued.

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