Eleven-year-old boy's unique feat, the world surprised
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Eleven-year-old boy’s unique feat, the world surprised

BRASILIA: An 11-year-old Brazilian boy stunned the world by taking a turn of 1,080 degrees, setting a new record by taking a turn of 1080 degrees.

According to the details, there are many people in the world who are obsessed with doing different and unique things, such as a young man from Brazil who has won a unique honor in the world of skateboarding.

Sources said that 11-year-old Goi Khore has set a record of being the first skateboarder in the world with a turn of 1080 degrees. Earlier, the famous skateboarder Tony Hawk had set a record of taking 900 degree turn in 1999, which has now been broken by Gui Khore.

The Brazilian boy also shared a video of his unique work on the social media platform Instagram in which the boy can be seen circling in the air three times.

Foreign media say that Goi Khore’s video is going viral on social media, the video has been shared by several skateboarders including Tony Hawk.

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